Your earnings depend on the quality and amount of traffic you send to our Tube sites. We pay based on device and geo quality of your traffic, based on the table listed below. All other countries and devices CPC are paid $0.25 per thousand.
When you send traffic to our tube sites via our video and banner content, we pay for every 1,000 unique visits. The payment is based on an auto-generated CPM rate which is based on quality and volume of traffic in your HubTraffic account. If you manage good domains, then register them in www.HubTraffic.com and earn huge profits with your traffic automatically.
With Players:
If a user clicks anywhere on the player (and NOT on the PLAY button in the middle of the page), he gets redirected to our tubes. Only then does it count as a unique visit in your account, and it’s 1 unique visit, per user, per 24 hour period. If the SAME user visits our tubes again during that 24 hour period from your site, it only counts as 1 unique visit, but with multiple sessions.

With Banners:
If a user clicks on one of our Hubtraffic banner ads from your site, he is redirected right away to our tubes and counted as a unique visit, per IP, in a 24 hour period.

If you work with an adult hosting company which functions like www.easyXsites.com or www.wordpress.com, contact their respective support teams to register and verify your domain with us at HubTraffic (for adult traffic). HubTraffic will be hosted on their servers, and they will give you the steps to put the verification code link into the source code of your site. Once complete, your actual website will be written as www.(yoursitename).easyXsites.com or www.(yoursitename).wordpress.com.

We have 2 options to verify your sites in HubTraffic. On our end, it’s quite simple to register then verify your website(s). To verify your domains:

a)Verification via File Upload:

Download the verification file (mouse right click and save as), upload it in the root directory of each domain and then click on the verify link.

b) Verification via Metadata (Recommended for Blogs or Free Web spaces):

Copy the code line below and paste it in the source code of your websites between the tags. Then click on the verify link.

Emails can’t be changed. For this you need to register a new account with a different e-mail address.
Please start by removing the cookies and temp files from your browser and try again. If this does not work, click on the “forgot your password?” link and enter your username and security questions which were set up during your sign-up process. Once you complete the form, the password will be emailed to you.
Just contact support@hubtraffic.com and we will suspend it for you.
Payout amount is calculated on a monthly basis. Payment transactions are executed on the 20th day of the following month.
Currently we support PayPal, Paxum
Yes, the minimum payout is $50 and depends on the payment method you choose.
Tax payments depend utterly on the country of residence and are your responsibility.
Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who enter the site and leave without any further page hits.
We provide plenty of resources to make integration easier for you. There is a large variety of banners and widgets which can be embedded on your site. 

We also have several RSS feeds which contain the latest videos combined with thumbs, embed code, and landing pages.

Additionally we offer the option to download our complete DB or just a portion of it, filtered by your criteria. You can also use our API to integrate the desired content on your page. With this, you can keep your database up to date and receive the content that you really need automatically.

For more information, we have examples on the API page in your account
Yes, you can use our different predefined banners and widgets (containing selected content from our site) in order to attract more traffic and better results.

There is also an option to customize the widgets to fit the look and feel of your website better. If you wish to embed our videos, you should use the special widget types for this purpose.
Yes, you can use any banner or link you want to send us traffic.
There are special RSS feeds for this purpose - see Section "Resources", "RSS Feeds" In addition, you can use the special function of our API for this purpose. This function is named "isVideoActive". For more information, refer to our API documentation - see Section "Resources", "APIs"
Yes, and there is no limitation to the number of sites you can links us from.